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Consumer Reports safety experts advise against using infant bath seats and inflatable bath tubs. A “whirlpool spa” might seem cute but you don’t need anything that elaborate. Some of them come with a showerhead nozzle that activates with a button—a good idea because keeping water running is a safety risk. But a simple cup of water to rinse your baby off will do just fine. Don’t buy a showerhead with a hose that attaches directly to a faucet because it poses a scalding hazard.

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  • The handle doubles the storage hook, keeping its small footprint and straightforward design that works with any bathroom decor.
  • Since this is the case, you will need to make sure the bath has a safe amount of water in it.
  • We do have bathtub seats that are designed specifically to create a safe tub transfer seat.
  • The quickest-drying options tend to be plastic, but many baby bath seats are made of mildew-resistant foam or fabric.
  • Bouncers often come with a mobile that hangs overhead.
  • Finally, make note of any labels indicating weight or age limitations.

Have you struggled with the everyday kneeling and bending over a bath tub that is just not close enough or high enough? The CharliChair allows you the convenience of the three level height adjustment for yourself and the multi-position recline for your baby. With the CharliChair your child will grow loving the shower as they will be accustomed to it from birth.

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Begin using the Papillon when baby can sit up unassisted- between 7 to 10 months of age – and continue to use it as he starts standing and walking on his own. The bath seats fail to meet federal safety standards, including the requirements for stability. Specifically, the bath seats can tip over, posing a risk of drowning to babies. The usual advice is to never leave babies and young children on their own in a bath.

The Best Baby Bath Seats And Supports To Make Bath Time A Breeze

Remove the cup, and it converts into a child’s two step stool or seat. The Splashy activity guide explains baby brush why bathing is so much more than just getting washed. Bathing provides an ideal activity in an environment where your child can develop many skills. To get more support from parents and family travelers, join our Parenting Support Group.

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This baby bath seat comes with an attached hook that lets you hang it up to dry. With a contoured back and adjustable bottom bump, you’ll be able to position baby so comfortably in this tub, he’ll never want to get out. And thanks to the integrated plug that changes color when the water temperature changes, you’ll always know the water temperature is just right. Parents report that with fewer nooks and crannies, this tub is one of the easier ones to keep clean.

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When bathtime is over, pull the plug from the bottom and the water drains out. If you have a tub at home you will probably want a small bath sling or something that can go in the kitchen sink for the first few months. When your baby grows you can purchase a chair for your bath. For those with a standup shower, you might want a baby tub that can grow with your baby until they’re about 2 years old.

The clever, ergonomic design features drain holes for easy rinsing and extra strong suction cups for excellent stability. Babies are wriggly at the best of times, but when you add water, and bath time, they become as slippery as an eel. This is when a baby bath seat is an absolutely invaluable tool. It keeps your slippery baby in the right place, and gives you two hands to wash the baby properly.

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